Who I am

Folks call me Nelly- which really means you better too or else!*raises pickle threateningly*

I am an eighteen year old from Australia who has too much time on her hands. I study childcare and do placement at a local kindergarten. I like it a lot. 

I love my friends and family more then anything in the world and would do perhaps anything for them.  

I have an interest in a great deal of things, including but not limited to, old films (duh), old hollywood, history, Royalty, Harry Potter, books, movies in general, photography, writing, computers, nature,world domination etc. 

I  live in my own world, I always have and I always will.  At times I can be annoying, weird, random, odd and talkative. You will notice particularly in my blog that I will ramble on and on until I either run out of space or my hands cannot endure any more typing. In real life I am very quiet and very subdued. 

I began this blog as an outlet for my obsession with old cinema. I didn't really expect anyone else to read it, so I am grateful to those that who have. :) In my blog you will find long winded posts about movies I love, pictures of stars I admire and goodness knows what else.  Read at your own risk XD