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It's fathers day in Australia today and as such I thought that I would look back on some noteable fathers/fatherly figures that graced our screens back then. None of these are in any particular order.

George Bailey, It's A Wonderful Life. 
Who can ever forget the story of George Bailey? A young, inspiring  man who wanted nothing more in life to explore, to have adventures. A selfless man, husband and father, who kept putting others before him always, until one day after an unfortunate mistake seemingly made by his Uncle Billy, who misplaces a large sum of money that belongs to the building and loans, George snaps. He even wishes that he had never been born. Enter Clarence, a angel who has not yet earnt his wings, who grants George his wish... George gets to see the world and what it would be like, had he never been born. A world where he has no wife, his friends and family's life's are a catastrophe and his children don't even exist.   He begins to realise that though he may never have gone to Africa or Europe or anything like that, he has a home, wife, kids, a family, friends, who all love him and who he in turn loves back.

Stanley T Banks, Father of The Bride. 
Stanley Banks, the father of the bride... Like most fathers, he does not like one bit that his daughter is now old enough to attract attention from boys, let alone MARRY them. A kind, often stubborn man. Stanley represents the every day father, who though sometimes may be a tad too overboard in showing it, loves and want to protect their kids for as long as they can, especially from possible  handsome fiances!

Charlie Chaplin or ''The Tramp'', The Kid. 
This silent film is truly one of the best films I have ever seen. Charlie the Tramp, finds a small baby who has been abondened by his desperate mother, who vows one day to refind him... Charlie raises the boy as his own for many years, until one day the authorities come to take the boy away... A powerful movie, that shows that just because you are not blood related, doesn't mean you can't still be a father. 

Alfie Doolittle, My Fair Lady.

Ahaha. Okay. I concede, Alfie Doolittle is by no means a wonderful father. The only time he ever see's his daughter is to get money of her to get a drink or three from the pub. Loud, brash and out to only survive for himself, Alfie still surprisingly comes off as charming and easily likeable in the movie. So yeah, maybe not the best of dads, but hey, he had a few catchy tunes in the movie, right?! 

Judge Hardy, in The Andy Hardy Pictures.
Judge Hardy. The reliable and dependble father, the one his kids could talk to about anything. The problem solver, the soother of the situations... He seemingly knew how to deal with everything, nothing was too big of a problem to solve and nothing was too stupid or silly to talk about. Well, after all he was a judge, so he was by no means unintelligent. He is one of my personal favorites. <3 

Fagin, Oliver Twist.

Yeah, Fagin encouraged the boys he took in from the streets, to steal hardly good fatherly advice. But when one takes into account the time period in which Oliver Twist was set, the boys could have ended up in far worse of situations. Fagin was basically like a foster parent, taking in all sorts of kids to look after. And while stealing and encouraging it are hardly admirable traits, back then it was a very hard world, they all had to survive somehow.  He also seemed to legitimately care about the boys as well. 

Captain Von Trapp, Sound of Music
The father who loves his children, but after a unfortunate event in the family that took his wife's life, he doesn't know how to show it exactly.  The most touching scene in this movie for me is when the children are singing for the first time to the Baroness, and the Captain, seemingly amazed that music and beauty could once again survive in the house, goes to watch them, then joins in with the singing much to the shock of them all- eventually hugging and kissing each .. It pulls at my heart strings.  :) 

Gepetto, Pinocchio.
Gepetto the elderly man who wants nothing more then a son to call his own, makes a puppet who comes alive thanks to the Blue Fairy.  There is only one catch however, Pinocchio is indeed alive, but still wooden, he must prove his worht to be able to become a real boy or he will turn back to a mere puppet. Gepetto shows that a fathers love can indeed be very strong, as he stops at nothing to try and find Pinocchio who goes missing- even ending up in a whales stomach!

Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird.
 The epitome of fathers everywhere, in my opinion. Intelligent, kind, willing to help everyone and anyone. Atticus is not afraid to stick up for what he believes in, and loves  his children to the death. He is willing to do anything for Jem and Scout, and it's because of this that Atticus is willing to defend a black man in court, when the social times and the rest of the town seemingly all say not too; because he believes it is the right thing to do, to help an innocent man in his time of need. 

I know I left out HEAPS of others out there, but I only did a few. If you have any others you want to share, that would be great!!

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