Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's that time of year again...

It's the Holiday period once agian. Whether you are Jewish,  Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, black, white, Asian or even pink with orange polkadots- whatever, I hope you all have a happy safe and enjoyable Holidays!! :)

I know that I have not been on this blog for quite some time, I promise I have not forgotten about it nor have I abondened it. I have recently gone through a transitional stage, which has involved me moving once again to another town. It has been somewhat emotionally draining and also psychically   tiring to leave all that you have slowly become accustomed to to go back to a place you thought you wouldn't be coming back to, but I am here. And I am happy, and I think that once this Christmas/Holiday period is over I will be posting more and more in this blog.  I have been fortunate enough to have seen a great many old movies that I had not seen before- so look out cyberspace, Nelly's back and she's ready to ramble!! XD

So that's it for now, I guess. Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful, safe and Holiday period and I will see you all in 2011 (Gosh, can you believe it?? 2011! Already! Wow!) :) What's everyone got planned? Seeing family? Working (ew)? Going on a holiday?? I know what I will be doing; Absolutely nothing. I'm going to be sitting there on Christmas morning, opening my pressies and just kicking back and relaxing... That is until about noon when my mother and I have to go to my nana's to eat our traditional annual Christmas lunch... Mmmmm, I can already taste the glazed ham, the roasted vegetables, the deserts.... Yummmy.... *drools*


 My apologies.

Anyway, yeah... See you soon!

Much love to you all,

Nelly xoxo