Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dreams really do come true...

Just  a quick post-

 Ilene Wood May 5 1929- July1 2010 

Every one knows Cinderella.

   Every one has heard or seen it before, and usually, actually more probably, it is the Walt Disney version that is seen and is most identifiable by the public at large.  It has become more then a classic for the Disney company, it’s become an icon. As easily identifiable  as that of the Mickey mouse ears or the iconic castle that appears on the screen before a movie begins…
I actually only watched Cinderella the other day for the first time in  ages- sort of ironic, considering the news I heard only this morning. I know what you’re probably thinking, why the hell am I blogging about Cinderella, a kids movie for??

Well, technically it IS apart of what I define as anyway, The Golden era of Hollywood released in 1950.  I know some people do not consider animated films to be ‘really’ apart of this era, but for me I see no distinction, other then that one is live action and the other is not. A good movie, no matter how it is captured, is worthy of any praise and attention it garners.

I love Disney, I always have and I daresay I always will. The great thing about Disney is, particularly when you look at it’s traditional 2D animated films is that they hold all the morals and messages from times long ago…But because the movies are usually animated, they sort of transcend time. They are timeless pieces and they can never seem dated.

Cinderella is just as magical now as it was then and it’s morals and messages are just as beautiful now as it was before. And even it’s theatrical conventions that it uses, the use of dramatic music and general pace of storytelling still work, whereas live action movies that have used similar conventions can appear ‘outdated’ and ‘lame’ to today’s general audience. I grew up watching Cinderella, it was a staple in my usual viewing as a child as I daresay it was for a great many of people...
The reason I bring Cinderella up, is that I have heard that the woman who voiced Cinderella, Ilene Woods has recently passed away. Though she did not do any other movies or anything like that other then Cinderella, I still think she deserves to be remembered. After all, she voiced one of the best Disney princesses to exist.  And her singing voice was truly beautiful, it is a shame we did not get to see more of this beautiful lady. 

Through Cinderella I learnt that dreams really come true- and though my own dreams wish to accomplish something with my life other then just marrying my prince Charming and settling down, I have never forgotten that with some determination and optimistic thinking, you can get anywhere you want in life. And like Cinderella move from the lowest of places (such as her being a scullery maid) to the highest you can  possibly reach (for her this happened to be a princess, for me and for us though, the possibilities are endless!)

So thank you Ilene Woods for voicing one of the most identifiable characters Disney, and I daresay the movie industry itself, has ever known.

Cinderella (1950) belongs to the Walt Disney Company.  All images were taken from google.


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