Monday, September 13, 2010

Some fave hairstyles.

A sort of girly/fangirl post.

It's no secret that I really love the fashions of old Hollywood. Vintage= win, in my eyes.  I very lightly touched on this subject before, with a post on Ms. Bette Davis' beautiful costume from the film Jezebel... I also absolutely adore some of the hairstyles from this period too. I particularly love 1940s hair styles, but I have a fondness for a few others too.

I didn't include every hair trend I liked, because if  I did, this post would be never ending, but I thought that I would show a few of my faves. You will notice that I adore curls, particularly. They are a major, major, win in my books. Every chance I get, I attempt to curl my hair in a manner that is vintage...

And no one rocked the curls better then;

Mary Pickford. 

There have been rumours that her famous curls were in actual fact a wig... I don't care either way. They're absolutely beautiful!!!  My absolute favorite of all hairstyles. :)

Here are some other hairstyles that I often glance enviously at and wish that somehow my hair would be obliging enough to let me make it at least half as pretty as some of these ladies. But alas, not all our wishes come true, do they? Ah well. 

Veronica Lake. (Kind of an obvious one, nearly everyone loves her hair). 

 Rita Hayworth.

Louise Brooks.

Audrey Hepbrun <3 

It's interesting also to note that even after all these years, that vintage glamor, in particular it's hair trends  are even more popular then ever...


  1. Gotta love Louise Brooks and her Dutch bob. I'm reading her book right now. Love her!

  2. Absolutely! Wasn't she a fascinating woman?! I am totally going through a I-LOVE-SILENT-FILMS phase, where I am wasting all my space to watch hours after hours of just pure silent film fests. <3 I'd love to get my hands on her book, she is definitely one of my faves from that era. So beautiful, so unique, so mysterious, so wonderful. A true example that you didn't necessarily need sound to show that you were a great actress; any fool can recite words, but it's a true actress/actor that can make the audience sympathize with them, just by a gesture or a look... Louise Brooks was such a actress. <3 <3

  3. Mary Pickford, Louise Brooks and Rita hayworth had such beautiful hair! I love hair in the 20s, 30s, and early 40s.

  4. Yes totally agree. I also love Jean Harlow's hair, beautiful! :)