Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of my favorite costumes of all time

I love this dress (Bette Davis, Jezebel 1938, Warner Bros).


  1. My favorite black dress is this one:


    Well, she probably didn't wear xxl, but I find this dress definitely xxl. I guess this is because it's a typical 30s dress. Well, the collar tells everything about 30s fashion. I love 30s fashion too much. :)

  2. I always liked this costume. All of Delphine Seyrig's dresses are great in Last Year At Marienbad.

  3. Oh both dresses/costumes are beautiful!!!

    They certainly had a quality back then that I just don't think they have nowadays. I can't put my finger on it exactly but the dresses and costumes and the general feel to movies back then had a slightly magical touch to them... *sighs*

    There are so many out there that I absolutely adore, too many. Perhaps I should just devote a whole post to pictures of beautiful costumes/dresses/outfits that I love, but then that might be a very very long post :P

  4. These ones are nice too:
    Black Dress
    Crazy Costume
    Delicate Dress

    Why don't you make movie, mostly women's, fashions more the center of your blog. That way you don't have to try one large post, but can devote a post at a time to a single dress, a single actress, a single film, or even an era.

  5. Hahaha! Nelly, you're boosting our imagination.

    Anyone more dresses?

  6. I have something very cute too:


    That was in "The Talk of the Town". In "The More the Merrier" Jean is wearing pajamas AND pigtails, which looks even cuter. She's definitely a pajamas type.

  7. Wow Jumper, you're topping everything!

    Joan Blondell is the impersonated antique goddess. Sometimes I feel like changing my avatar, because it's too much. I actually chose Joan because I can't look like my spiritual sister Jean - this would be absolutely impossible. So I got onto Joan, after she had impressed me in the 1933 Golddiggers. But the better I know her the more I think it's impossible as well.

  8. Can I just say *LEGASPDIESQUEE*

    I am in such a fangirl mood now that I saw these pictures. Absolutely beautiful all of them and totally timeless *sighs*
    Hahaha I too have had my imagination boosted.

    In fact I think it was playing on my mind a little too much because last night I dreamt that I was wearing that Ginger Rogers dress linked by Clarissa, I woke up severely disappointed that I was wearing my pyjamas and not the gorgous dress after all.

    Jumper that's a good idea I may do that.

    One of my favorite dresses of all time on film actually is from the film White Christmas made in 1953, http://www.variety.com/graphics/photos/variety100/future_crosby_clooney.jpg sorry I couldn't find a better pic of it, but it was truly, in my opinion, beautiful.

    Another one of my favorites; http://broadway.cas.sc.edu/broadwayPhotographs/HillMary.Pickford.jpg and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Mary_Pickford_II.png

    I adore Mary Pickford. I know these were before the golden era, but whatever. XD

  9. I love that last Pickford photo.

    Yeah, but think of it this way. For the time you were dreaming you were wearing the dress.

    I like this outfit on Carole Lombard: http://www.doctormacro.com/Images/Lombard, Carole/Annex/Annex - Lombard, Carole_23.jpg

    This one isn't quite an outfit by what a photo of Carole: http://www.doctormacro.com/Images/Lombard,%20Carole/Annex/Annex%20-%20Lombard,%20Carole%20%28Sinners%20in%20the%20Sun%29_01.jpg

  10. I once sewed 18th century dresses for myself - in an English style. That's easier than 30s fashion. Anyway I hate sewing. It makes me grouchy. Well, years ago I bought a quite beautiful black Betty Barclay dress second hand. It's much too long for me, I need extremely high heels to wear it. But I think it fits absolutely into the 30s.

  11. Beautiful dress! I'd love to see that movie, but i wan't find it :(
    I love watching old movie just for the wardrobe (yes also for the plot and all that, but a bad movie with beautiful clothes is not so bad^^)

  12. Oooh both great outfits with Carole Lombard, then again she was always dressed to kill.

    I love 18th century fashions- particularly Jane Austen-esque ones... I think that you can see that the 1920s took some inspiration from 18th century fashion, even though the 1920s were all about shorter skirts, shorter hair, shorter everything- there are clear, in my opinion anyway, clear similarities between the two eras, especially in head wear. I don't sew either- my mum does it for me. :P

    Camille, you are not wrong some movies I watch solely for the beautiful dresses, or sometimes I like certain characters because I love their costumes- shallow of me I know, but I can't help it. For instance, I adore the movie Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire not because of the actual story, but for the wardrobe. And in Snow White I loved the evil Queen because I think she had a far more prettier and interesting costume (when she wasn't a hag) then Snow White. :D

    Jezebel is a wonderful film, when it was made Bette Davis was by then old hat to the whole bitchy type characters, and she totally nailed it on the head I think.

    I did look on youtube for you to see if it was somewhere there, but to no avail. But it may be somewhere else on the web, or perhaps you could try ebay or amazon or something like that?

    I must apologise to you all for not getting back to you all sooner, Real life is a bit hectic at the moment but I am really digging this discussion about fashion!! :D

  13. I don't know which decade you mean - my time was always the early 18th century. At that time they wore above all manteau/mantua-dresses.



    But there were also people who preferred English fashion, for example the first queen of Prussia, Sophie Charlotte:


    Most people in the baroque dance scene prefer the common mantua style - I like the English dresses much better. But I had to make my dress shorter, because I danced solo and had to use my arms (instead of holding the skirt with my fingers):


    I have actually much more beautiful old paintings with very stunning English dresses in my maps. They are very very long, floating like water down to the floor. What a pity, that I couldn't make it that long!

    If you go to 1750 or 1790 fashion looks quite different. Don't forget, every 30 years comes another generation and every new generation has new ideas of fashion.